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PressMirchi.Com is a News & Infotainment NewMedia Platform Developed and Maintained  Independently  by Himanshu Painuly ( Blogger, Freelance Journalist/Web Developer/ Digital Marketer/ Social Media Expert and So On. PressMirchi.Com was Founded in 2016 and Started with the Aim to Provide its Readers and Subscribers With Actual and Factful News & Information Around The Web. It is the Platform for Freelance Journalist, Student Journalism, Writers, Video Journalists, Photo Journalists, Poets, Social Influencers to ShowCase their Professional Writing Skills and their Respective Talents. From 2016 to till Date PressMirchi.Com is Registered As Google Publisher and have Maintained Good Ranking In  Alexa Global (English content) & Alexa India ( Hindi Content). PressMirchi.Com Continuosly Growing  Reach To Throught India & Abroads.


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