Womania “Trending Womanising Advertisements “

Womania “Trending Womanising Advertisements “

Mai toh tandoori murgi hoon yaar …gatakale saiyaan alcohol se.. well yes ,this famous line signifies the role of woman in the market today. Who cares whether you have a car or a paint, all you need to project is a woman promoting your product convincing you that the woman have everything you desire. Won’t you really buy the deodorants unless the dupatta and runs to the man attracted ? How many condoms advertisements have come up showing the man enjoying the pleasure of conjugation? Things are even worse in case of football and cricket showing beautiful girls dancing provocating without any actual context. The matches would even be really exciting for you without these maiden showing you some moves. “It is an era where woman sell and men buy anything and everything”. These beautiful perfectly made up, perfect bodied woman have become the benchmark in the market. You are hardly valued if you are not beautiful. As an influence of these commercialization-the fair and lovely commercial openly claims that if you are beautiful you can win the world and people buy fair and lovely so as to be beautiful and win the world (dreams).It’s high time we should not consider woman anymore as an object”when the country has a literacy rate of 74.04% ,it is foolish to belive in vague notions and value woman only for the sake of visual treat”. Respect woman

By Pallavi Singh                                                                                                                                                                              Student B.A Masscom


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