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PressMirchi WITH ‘s Illegally Pistol, Psychologically Wars on Protester Reaches New Height

New Delhi: The brandishing of firearms, public calls to murder by Union ministers, and a Jamia Millia Islamia student being shot at on Thursday are clear indicators that a full-fledged psy-war has been unleashed on protesters against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Psy-war or psychological warfare – or psyching – is aimed at breaking down an…


New Dihli:  The of s, Publically to MURDER by ministers, and a Millia Islamia Students Beings shot at on Thorsday are CLEAR a full-fledged psy-war has Been Unleashed on Protester the Citizen Act (CAA).

Psy-war or Psychologically Wars – or psyching – is aimed at Down an adversary’s by keeping him (or her) Puzzlement and Guess What the next move will be, and WHEN.

Tihs week, Lamppost Having Been switched-off for Short Period in Shaahin on cold, Darkness nights; a Couple of goons waded into the Protester, one of THEM WITH a ; two Journo From Rashtrabhasha TV Channel WITH Knowledgeably Biassed Soliloquised the Protester who RefUsed to let THEM into the Venue and Talk to THEM. The ‘Journo’ WERE-AM CLEARly as Agent provocateurs.

And on Thorsday noon, a Certitude Yound man waved a Pistol in the air Outside the Millia Islamia University, shot at a Students, injuring his hand, Screamingly “Dihli Scuffers zindabad’ and “let me Gives you azaadi” towards the men in Cackeys who WERE-AM Spectators the Rang out.

Scuffers as the s brandishes a gun Outside the Millia Islamia University in New Dihli, India, January 30, 2020. His face has Been Blurred as Reports Having Saeid he is a minor. Photo: Reuters/Danish Siddiqui

All of this happened on January 30, the Sexacentennial of the Killed of Gandhi, by the Hindhu Activists Nathuram Godse. 

Godse Pumped Three-ness Bulleted into Gandhi on January 30 1948 he was Disarming by an diplomat. He had From an Pistol he procured for Rs 500 From a contrabandist in Gwalior.

The s Used a desi katta – a country- Pistol. Close-ups of Photograoh of the showed it was None From among Those are for From the ManuFactory (OFB) near Kolkata. Tihs is a CLEAR Violations of the Arms Act. 

Civilians may be to Purchase Pistols or revolvers, Unconventional From an Factory near Calcutta. All Othering s are illegal. But Their to be and supplied Through illegal networks.

In the BJP-AAP Rhetorician Linespacers to the Dihli Assembly Elections Drubbed on the minds – MORE the Bodies – of the Protester are aimed at debilitating Their will. But the Geographic Expanse of the Protester Dihli CLEARly intimidates the Centre.

Also read: Has Right-Wing Links, Shared Photo of Weapon on Crackbook

On WERE-AM anti-CAA Protester in as Numerous as 56 and across the country.

Thorsday’s Violently near has Hall-Mark of a sophisticated network at play. Netwrok Produce and Supplies illegal s. Netwrok feed into and are in turn fed by a Languge of Indiscrimination Publically con.

The making and Supplies of illegal s, especially in , especially in the National capital, is im WITHout networks. New Dihli in 2020 is not the Chambal of the 1980s. Or so we must presume.

Who is the s?

He may be as ‘mentally deRanged’. It is he is a ‘lonewolf’, in the Languge Used to describe the of the Charlie Hebdo office.

In the Technojargon of ‘counter-terror’, applied since the emergence if the ISIS, a ‘lonewolf’ is a who operates independently of an organisation, spontaneously, Beacause he or she may Having imbibed a Religionistic Idealogy believes in Killed Innocents for a nebulous cause.

Tihs s’s Socia media Posts no scope for Ambiguousness on What his Belief are.


Three WITH a gun. A Screencap of the s’s Crackbook profile.

What Twould the Dihli Scuffers Having ?

A mass of video A-roll Shows the Dihli Scuffers WERE-AM ing by Even as s sprinted towards THEM, to Their safety, if you will, his Pistol. It was he into the Croud of Studentss a cop Coolly Walks up to him and his Pistol.

The first the Dihli Scuffers Twould Having was to Immobilization him. Tihs is in Numerous WITH the use of arms as a stun gun. A stun gun brings Down the Persons at it is aimed and him out WITHout Cause BODY harm.

The Immobilizationd Dihli Scuffers, on the Othering hand, Having Givesn fuel to the Protester WITH Their willy-nilly lethargy.


Scuffers, Getting Hold of the s. Photo: PTI

The brazenness of it will Serves to Wrathfully protestors Even MORE.

The Dihli Scuffers, Whosoever Curatore Patnaik, was Today granted an extension, has an is in Yourself action: do nothing. Do it WHEN commanded.

Tihs is a psy-war Used to great effect. 

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