What is Pamela Stephenson Net Worth?

Pamela Stephenson Net Worth is US$ 20 Million as of January 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 20 Million
Born:December 04, 1949 (73 Years)
Birth NamePamela Helen Stephenson
Height5′ 4″
Country of OriginTakapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
Source of WealthActing, Clinical psychologist, and Writer
Marital StatusMarried
SpousesBilly Connolly ​(m. 1989), Nicholas Ball ​(m. 1978, divorced)​
ChildrensScarlett Connolly (Daughter), Daisy Connolly (Daughter), Amy Connolly (Daughter)
Famous ForPresented a psychology-based interview show called Shrink Rap on British and Australian television


Pamela Stephenson net worth is estimated to be approx US$ 20 Million as of 2023.

Pamela Stephenson is an award-winning actress, comedian, writer, and psychologist from Australia. She is best known for her work on the comedy show “Not the Nine O’Clock News” and for her roles in the films “Superman III” and “Doctors and Nurses”. She has also had a successful stage career, appearing in productions such as “Tonight Live with Steve Vizard” and “Shrink Rap.”

In addition to her acting career, Stephenson is an author and psychotherapist. She has written five books, including “Bravemouth: Living with Billy Connolly,” in which she discusses her 25-year marriage to the Scottish comedian. She has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and has practiced as a psychotherapist since the early 1990s.

Time Line


Pamela did a second series of Billy Connolly: My Absolute Pleasure.


Pamela played her role in Billy Connolly: It’s Been A Pleasure.


Pamela published her book The Varnished Untruth.


Pamela published her book “Sex Life: How Our Sexual Encounters and Experiences Define Who We Are. Vermilion.”


Pamela received an Honorary Doctorate in Science from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen for her contributions to the field of human sexuality.


Pamela served as conference program co-chair of the annual AASECT Conference.


Stephenson hosted the Australian lifestyle program Sex.


Stephenson participated in Prince Edward’s charity television special The Grand Knockout Tournament.


In the first episode of Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected, she played a supporting role.


Pamela was the star of Elsie in the ABC TV productions of the opera The Yeomen of The Guard.

Early Life

Pamela was born in Auckland on December 4, 1949. She moved to Australia in 1953 with her scientist’s parents and two sisters. Boronia Park Primary School was her school in Sydney.

Stephenson, who was 16 years old, was raped while she was in Australia. She contracted an STD as a result. Her parents hid the truth, but she was expelled from her house after learning of her medical condition.


Stephenson started her acting profession in 1972. In the Australian television series Ryan, she starred in the role of “Julie King.” In 1977, she starred in ABC’s ‘The Violins of Saint-Jacques. Stephenson was one of her first UK appearances. She joined the live onstage team of The Comic Strip, Alexei Sayle, and Peter Richardson from the Raymond Revuebar, Soho. Her television appearance on the 1980 comedy television program ‘Not The Nine O’Clock News’ is her most prominent. One of her parodies was the Kate Bush song “Oh England, My Leotard.”

She took part in “Strictly Come Dancing’s” eighth season, winning praise every time. Each of her judges gave her a perfect 10/10. At the California Graduate Institute, Stephenson was a professor for six years. Also, she teaches students about human sexuality, advanced human sexuality, sex therapy, and clinical practicum in sex therapy.


Here are some of the best highlights of Pamela Stephenson’s career:

  • Not the Nine O’Clock News (Comedy Show, 1979 – 1982) 
  • Billy (Autobiography, 2001) 
  • Bravemouth (Autobiography, 2003) 
  • Shrink Rap (TV Show, 2007 – 2010) 
  • The Varnished Untruth (Autobiography, 2012) 

Favorite Quotes from Pamela Stephenson

“There seems to be this impression that if I really am a psychotherapist, I can’t be serious about it. They think there must be something fishy going on.”

Pamela Stephenson

“Sexual dreams aren’t usually about sex.”

Pamela Stephenson

“The work of a psychotherapist involves being empathic and insightful with one’s patients without getting too lost in their painful stories to be helpful.”

Pamela Stephenson

“Perfect objectivity is always impossible, no matter who writes a person’s biography.”

Pamela Stephenson

“I loved my life, but my choices were overloading and overwhelming me. Listening to inner feelings and fulfilling some of these urges when they come along is incredibly important.”

Pamela Stephenson

Key Life Lesson from Pamela Stephenson

Now we have an overview of Pamela Stephenson’s net worth, work done, biography, and early life. Let’s glance at some of his lessons.

Prioritize relationships.

Life isn’t just about achieving goals or making money. It’s also about fostering meaningful relationships with others that can power you through hard times and offer long-term support for a better quality of life.

Dare to be different.

We all have something unique to offer the world – so embrace what makes you different! Don’t be afraid to express yourself authentically.

Learn from mistakes.

Mistakes are inevitable as you pursue your passions and goals, but it’s important to take responsibility for one’s mistakes and use them as valuable opportunities for learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Pamela Stephenson in Tales of the Unexpected?

“Tales of the Unexpected” The Man from the South (TV Episode 1979) – Pamela Stephenson as Cathy.

How old is Pamela Stephenson?

Pamela Stephenson was born on December 4, 1949, and is currently 73 years old.

What is Pamela Stephenson doing now?

Sir Billy Connolly, 78, is married to his wife Pamela Stephenson, an actress and comedian who now works as a clinical psychologist and writer.


Pamela Stephenson is a British-born actress, comedian, author, psychotherapist, and television presenter. She is best known for her work on the British comedy sketch show Not the Nine O’Clock News and the American sitcom Saturday Night Live. She has also written several books, including her autobiography, Bravemouth: Living with Billy Connolly. Stephenson began her career in show business as a stand-up comedian in Australia, where she lived for several years. After moving to England, she joined the cast of Not the Nine O’Clock News and appeared in several films. She then moved to America and joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. After the show ended, she returned to England and continued to work in television, theatre, and film.

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Stephenson is a qualified psychotherapist and has written books on the topics of mental health, relationships, and personal growth. She is also an advocate for mental health awareness and has appeared on numerous television shows to discuss the topic.

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