India is a land of moral and ethics values, where females are considering as a goddess. But also here, parents spends a lot of money on her daughter’s wedding for gifts and dowry rather than her education.Everyone is well-known about the menstruation cycle of females that comes every month. In earlier times it was too difficult to manage during their periods. But now we live in a modern and high tech society where we have facilities to manage it easily through sanitary napkins. Every year the price of sanitary napkins gets increased due to the tax which  lieved on its raw material. The ratio of tax that lieved on its raw material is 6%.

We are very familiar about the word GST that had brought up recently.

GST (Goods and services tax) is a single tax on the supply of goods and services from the manufacturer to the consumer. The benefit of GST is that it will make India one unified common market. Most of the food items are tax free nd even some costemic items such as bindi and bangles. But, there is an essential item which has to be tax free but our govt lieved tax on it. Our government is no exception with the meat of horses and mules and that’s the main reason they are tax-free but they have exception with the menstruation hygiene 12% tax on sanitary napkins.

 Periods are not woman’s choice it happens naturally. Why did govt put 12% tax on sanitary napkins?? What message has government want to convey us that woman has to penalised on their periods because she can take a birth as female who get periods. 

  In most of the rural areas women uses cloth instead of sanitary napkins because they are not aware about menstruation hygiene and also not able to afford. But this problem can be solved by some NGO’s who tells them about menstruation hygiene and distribute sanitary napkins free of cost. Every female gets periods it doesn’t matter she is rich or poor. Government have to take this decision back and understand that if female doesn’t wear bindi or bengals it doesn’t create any problem. But if she doesn’t wear sanitary napkins during her periods it creates a lot of problem for her. Sanitary napkins should be tax-free that every female can afford.


Meenakshi Thakur

Student B.A

Mass communication





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