Importance of exams in our life
 “EXAMS” the word with which we deal daily. It plays an essential role in our life whether it is academic or live exam(difficulties of life) in day-to-day life. For academic exams, we are always prepared but for live exams or you can say for those which held randomly in life we can’t. In academic first we learn lessons nd then give exam of them. But in live exam first we deal with it and then learn a lesson from it. In everyone’s life, many ups and downs has come, some people pass them by their capabilities but some fail to pass it. Reason- they lose quickly they are not enough strong to deal with zig-zag brownian motion of life. Never think that you can’t do in lieu of this thing, think that why shouldn’t you ?? 
     Lead your life like a vivacious human being. People who wants to let you down all the time they are the real well-wishers of yours be thankful to them. Because they teach us that in every step of success we have to face these types of people and gradually you become alone but you have to go forward towards your goals and proof them that you can face every obstacle which comes in your life still you are focused. 
     Life is not about to waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain. The day you realise, exams are necessary for us that moment you become enough strong to face or to deal with critical situations or  you can say  anything which would be happened. 
    Don’t think why ups and downs comes in your life, be positive in every situation. After losing, some people get disheartened and some try again and again. Every human has a fear phobia of facing difficulties of life, everyone wants to live life in a smoothly manner. Think, just for a minute is it possible? If it is possible can you wants to lead a boring life. Be adventurous, take everything in a positive manner. Don’t think about what comes or happens at what time. Never show your weakness to world by posting on social websites, instead of showing learn something from them and convert it into strength. 
    According to “Newton’s 1st law of motion” ,an object or a body will remain at rest or in motion until you applied force on it. Similarly, Life will remain at rest or in boring motion until you applied or puts extra efforts in it to make it interesting and adventurous too. According to energy law “energy neither be created nor be destroyed it can transform or convert into another form of energy”. Similarly, your can convert your weakness into strength. Failure people makes concocted stories to console themselves or to hide their weakness to world, don’t try to come in that list ever. Work hard and keep faith in it.
    “Past” is a “waste paper”, don’t try to recycle it. “Present” is a “main paper” on which your future depends ,so written it carefully. It can change your life. Live life without regrets, so whenever you look back and would think about your “journey to success”, it puts a broad smile on your face. And also keeps the balance between “heart and mind”. Bear your mind whenever you follow your heart. 
    Never worried about what people think about you and your decisions, do what makes you happy. Some people have a habit to agitate you by wasting your time, this thing puts an adverse effect on your conciousness. At that time you reached in delima state,  so its a humble advice to all that choose your company carefully. Make yourself that much strong that whatever goes you always clings to your goals. React only those situations which really indeeds your reactions. 
    No one can defeat us until you want to lose. Only “20% pages of your life” were “already written by God” and remaining “80% pages” are “written by us daily”. Life is like a cup of tea, it only depends on us how we want to make it “bitter or tasteful” or “BE MOTIVATED.”

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