Coronavirus Outbreak drawing out the best in Humanity

New Delhi,17 April 2020 : Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Safai karamcharis, Doctors, attendants and clinical staff are filling in as the genuine national legends, putting their lives at high hazard. In such intense occasion, a few people and gatherings of individuals are reestablishing our confidence in humankind. Associations and individuals are completing their ethical duties to shield our medicinal services heroes from the irresistible condition of CoronaVirus.

Worried about the wellbeing of  essential  &  basic specialist co-ops in the present predicament, a NGO, Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) with the help of GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd arranged security units comprising of face veils, hand gloves, goggles, top, cleanser, coat and gave more than 300 packs to Sh. Pradeep Khandelwal, Chief Engineer and Devender Singh, Asst Engineer at East Delhi Municipal Corporation with the goal that it very well may be disseminated to the safai karamcharis of EDMC, who are working day and night to keep our city clean in this extreme time.

Ashish Jain, Founder Director IPCA said We are conveying these individual Protective Equipment units since we need to guarantee that these essential services legends in the city are sheltered safe. We needed to contribute somehow or another to the reason. Their determined work and altruism show the best of humankind. The time has come to set aside our disparities and to cooperate to ensure the individuals who are securing all,

IPCA has likewise held hands with CA Parivaar, a gathering of in excess of 200 Chartered Accountants of North India, which is being driven by CA Sanjeev Singhal ,Central Council Member, ICAI. He alongside his companions (Pradeep Gupta, GP Aggarwal, Ankur Bansal, SK Aggarwal, Manoj Gupta, Subhash Gupta, Anil Gupta, Raj Aggarwal, Narender Singhania, Kapil Bagadia, Arun Jain and some increasingly) raised assets to get clinical types of gear, PPE for clinical staff. With the help of individual commitments from CA Parivar and IPCA staff, they have given more than 250 PPE units to Directorate General Health Services, Govt of India.

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