What is Arianna Huffington Net Worth?

Arianna Huffington Net Worth is US$ 100 Million as of January 2023.

Net WorthUS$ 100 Million
Born:July 15, 1950 (73 Years)
Birth NameArianna Stassinopoulos Huffington
Height5′ 10″
Country of OriginAthens, Greece
Source of WealthFounder
Marital StatusMarried
SpousesMichael Huffington ​(m. 1986; div. 1997)
ChildrenIsabella Huffington (Daughter), Christina Huffington (Daughter)
Famous ForFounder of The Huffington Post


Arianna Huffington net worth is estimated to be approx US$ 100 Million as of 2023.

The Huffington Post, one of the most well-known news websites, was founded by Arianna Huffington, who is well-known for this. The website, which she launched in May 2005, has grown tremendously since then and now employs about 850 people. Arianna was made president and editor-in-chief when The Huffington Post was sold to AOL for a staggering $315 million in 2011, keeping her employed by the business.

Time Line


Thrive Global launched a podcast with iHeart Radio featuring Huffington as the host.


Huffington officially departed from The Huffington Post.


Arinna is also a One Young World Counsellor, speaking to delegates at summits in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dublin, and Ireland in 2013 and 2014 respectively.


The Huffington Post became the first commercially run United States digital media enterprise to win a Pulitzer Prize.


AOL acquired The Huffington Post for US$315 million, making Huffington editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group.


Arinna appeared as herself in the episode of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.


Huffington was No. 12 in Forbes’s first-ever list of the Most Influential Women In Media.


Huffington joined the cast of Seth MacFarlane’s animated series The Cleveland Show, where she lent her voice to the wife of Tim the Bear, also named Arianna.

Early Life

Having been born on July 15th, 1950, Arianna Huffington was 55 years old when she founded The Huffington Post. This implied that she had already accomplished much before establishing the well-known news website. Along with Jonah Peretti, Andrew Breitbart, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti, Arianna created it.

She was born in Greece but went to the UK at the age of 16 to attend Girton College in Cambridge to study economics. In the 1970s, when she first met Bernard Levin and fell in love with him, she started writing. Levin never wanted to get married or have kids, so Arianna had to call it quits at the age of 30, and she ultimately relocated to New York in 1980. Arianna continued to write novels, articles, biographies, and other things. She quickly established herself as a well-known author.


In the 1970s, Huffington initially rose to fame after releasing The Female Woman, a book that denigrated the feminist movement. She continued to publish biographies throughout the 1980s. She got active in US politics after becoming married to Michael Huffington and began contributing to the late-night talk show Politically Incorrect, which has won several Emmy awards. With her leadership of The Detroit Project, a program that pushed automakers to start using alternative fuels, Arianna Huffington gained notoriety. She challenged Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2003 election for governor of California. Despite Huffington’s scathing criticism of Schwarzenegger during the campaign, she eventually withdrew with only 2% of voters intending to support her. She garnered 1% of the vote and her name remained on the ballot.

Together with Jonah Peretti, Kenneth Lerer, and Andrew Breitbart, she co-founded The Huffington Post in 2005 with the intention of establishing what was initially envisioned as an alternative news platform. The Huffington Post initially published articles written by both staff writers and unpaid bloggers. The Huffington Post is actually quite pro-Democratic, despite the fact that Arianna Huffington had earlier been loud in her support for the Republican gathering. The Huffington Post was purchased by AOL in 2011 for $315 million.

Arianna Huffington took on the roles of president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group as a result of the deal. With a 30% stock stake in her website at the time of the sale, Arianna earned almost $100 million before taxes. The news site became the first privately owned media company to get a Pulitzer Prize in 2012 with its achievement. 2015 saw the $4.4 billion purchase of AOL by Verizon Wireless, and the incorporation of The Huffington Post website under Verizon Media. Another significant business with Huffington at the head is Thrive Global.

In order to help people deal with stress and other problems, Arianna Huffington created Thrive Global in 2016. The business offers a variety of podcasts to customers facing similar issues. Thrive Global’s valuation increased to $120 million in 2017 after securing an additional $30 million in investment. Arianna Huffington has also made appearances in a number of TV shows, such as Family Guy, Any Questions? The Cleveland Show, Face the Music, Call My Bluff, and Real Time with Bill Maher.

Arianna Huffington Net Worth Growth

Arianna Huffington net worth was US$ 65 Million in 2017, which increased to US$ 100 Million in 2022.

Net Worth in 2022US$ 100 Million
Net Worth in 2021US$ 92 Million
Net Worth in 2020US$ 85 Million
Net Worth in 2019US$ 77 Million
Net Worth in 2018US$ 70 Million
Net Worth in 2017US$ 65 Million

Favorite Quotes from Arianna Huffington

“We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes – understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.”

Arianna Huffington

“Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me.”

Arianna Huffington

“In a culture fueled by burnout, a culture that has run itself down, our national resilience becomes compromised. And when our collective immune system is weakened, we become more susceptible to viruses that are part of every culture because they’re part of human nature – fear-mongering, scapegoating, conspiracy theories, and demagoguery.”

Arianna Huffington

“The goal of any true resistance is to affect outcomes, not just to vent. And the only way to affect outcomes and thrive in our lives is to find the eye in the hurricane and act from that place of inner strength.”

Arianna Huffington

“Women need to lead the way to change our culture of burnout – both for their sake and also for the sake of successful men who desperately need a new model of success. And the still-very-macho world of STEM is a great place to start.”

Arianna Huffington

Key Life Lesson from Arianna Huffington

Now we have an overview of Arianna Huffington’s net worth, work done, biography, and early life. Let’s glance at some of his lessons.

Prioritize Sleep.

Arianna Huffington has been an advocate of the importance of sleep for physical and mental health. She has emphasized the importance of getting a good night’s sleep by creating a nighttime routine that works for your lifestyle.

Practice Self-Care.

Huffington has emphasized the importance of taking time for yourself to recharge and re-energize. Self-care is essential to maintain your mental and physical health and can help you stay productive and motivated.

Find Balance in Life.

Huffington has written extensively about the importance of finding balance in life. She has advocated taking breaks and setting boundaries in order to make sure that you are taking care of yourself and not sacrificing your health and well-being for work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of Arianna Huffington’s husband?

Arianna Huffington’s husband’s name is Michael Huffington (m. 1986–1997).

What is the Height of Arianna Huffington?

The Height of Arianna Huffington is 1.78 m. (5’ 8”).

What is the age of Arianna Huffington?

Currently, Arianna Huffington is 71 years old (15 July 1950).


Arianna Huffington’s net worth is estimated to be US$ 100 million as of 2023, and she founded The Huffington Post in 2005 with Jonah Peretti, Andrew Breitbart, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti. She is a well-known author and activist and was active in US politics after becoming married to Michael Huffington. The Huffington Post was purchased by AOL in 2011 for $315 million and Arianna Huffington took on the roles of president and editor-in-chief. She created Thrive Global in 2016 to help people deal with stress and other problems and has made appearances in TV shows.

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