Pallavi Singh

There is a huge difference between depression and sadness, sadness is only for some days but depression can lead to months or even years.   WHO (World health organisation) says that depression is likely to become the second leading cause of death and disability in the world by 2020. Depression is most often due to a chemical imbalance in the brain ,and various treatments and therapies are used in conjunction with lifestyle changes to tackle this. So, don’t let people tell you that depression is something that comes and goes, and you just need to work harder to be happy, advise experts,especially because of the link between suicide and

depression.”while suicide is the eighth leading cause of death,80percent of those who have committed suicide have a history of depression, “says Dr Atma ram Bansal Director Mental health and Behavioural sciences Medanta health care. That makes early detection and treatment very crucial. “It has become so common that is called as the common cold of mental illness”. Depression now days is very common in youth because of the lifestyle because of the disturbed family of the people which leads a child to wrong path and will cause mental illness or love issues, even the work pressure is killer these days, loss of somebody close or rejection increases the valnerablity to depression. Depressed people have a feeling of empty like nothing is left that you are alive for.

A person suffering from depression will not like anything in life but will be attracted towards bad things like drugs alcohol and sexual involments. Number of suicide has increased in recent years due to mental illness.More then the male’s the rate of depression are found in females.Most teens who kill themselves have a mood disorders (bipolar disorder or depression). Depression can only be treated by making that person feel happy, valuable and yes of course counselling.


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