Child labour is one of the major concerns for whole world.It is the running topic in news,media and schools for which students are writing essay ,article or narrate speech.
     The practice or work done by under age child for making his\her family capable to survive in this world with basic needs is called “child labour”. This is now the biggest concern for whole world as children is the future of our nation and if child’s future is healthy,safe and secure then automatically nation’s future will be bright and successful.
  Whenever I listen or see it sounds like poverty and the problem faced by those cute faces and fragile hands in early age.
There are many countries in the world and almost in every country have huge percentage of child labour but India is home to the largest number of child labour in the world.
Extreme poverty ,uneducated people,high population,some time greediness of their parents and also increasing demand for child labour due to their compatible body structure required for hazardous work area like coal mines are the main cause of child labour.
      The main cause of child labour is high level of poverty and lack of good education. A huge number of poor parents are still not aware of the disadvantages of child labour that affects their children in terms of their education,health,physical ,mental and social growth.
 We all should come together for tackling this one of the biggest problem ‘child labour’ and bring happiness and joy to those faces and to the nation.
Vineeta Uniyal



  1. This article shows your thoughts … that its not only a article but also the feelings for slums and labour child’s problem… keep it up.. vinni

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